Road network in Poland

Invest: road network in poland

A few years ago Poland was a country hard to reach for motorists. Although the road network in Poland is still developing, it is catching up very quickly.

European subsidies for developing the road network in Poland

In the years 1990-2001 Poland built only 138 km of roads and highways, but  at the beginning of the 21st century the network was extended by 398 km of motorways and 192 km of expressways. The accession to the European Union (EU) and the benefit from structural funds, have opened a chance to increase investments in the development of the road network. Infrastructure development plans assume a rapid expansion and modernisation of Polish roads.

Motorways in Poland are part of the network of national roads and support the most important connections, mostly as international, but also as interregional, and national roads. The Polish network of motorways is formed by the motorways A1, A2, A4, A6, A8 and A18. The current length of express roads is 3048.9 km, including 1553.2 km motorways and 1495.7 km expressways (31.12.2015). European Funds will allow to continue investing in the network. Currently almost 1100 km of new routes are in various stages of implementation, while another 900 km are in a tender process.

Motorways in Poland? There are ambitious plans

Everything seems to indicate that at the end of 2023, when it comes to the final accountability of EU support, Poland will have an effective modern road network. In September 2015 the Government approved the 2014-2023 Program of building national roads (with a view to 2025) which provides a budget for the realisation of 3900 km of motorways and expressways. Thanks to its strategic position in the centre of Europe, along with a developed network of motorways, Poland is ideal location for business and investment.

Welcome drivers to Poland

Today, you can comfortably, quickly and safely take the Motorway of Freedom (A2) from Germany and reach Warsaw without obstacles. Germany is connected to Poland’s border with Ukraine by the A4 motorway. In turn, the A1 motorway will connect northern Poland with southern Poland to the border with the Czech Republic. Most parts of this motorway are already in use. Expressways are currently free of payment for light vehicles For the use of the motorways A1, A2 and A4 money is collected at toll boots. Along the motor ways modern infrastructure is provided, for example, Truck Stop in Iłowa near the A4 and A18 (Western Poland).

And one more important note for drivers: the maximum speed for passenger cars on motorways is 140 km/h and 120 km/h on Expressways (dual carriageway) and 100 km/h (single carriageway).



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