Invest in special economic zones in Poland

Special Economic Zones in Poland

Currently, there are 14 special economic zones in Poland. In each of these investors can count on preferential terms, tax benefits and specially prepared infrastructure. Located in the very heart of Europe, halfway between the markets of the East and West, Poland is an ideal place to develop your business. The special economic zones (SEZ) will operate until 2020.

In 1994, the Polish Parliament adopted a law allowing the creation of special economic zones to attract foreign investors. Over 20 years of operating in special economic zones in Poland, more than two thousand permits for investment projects have been issued, with a total value of more than 25 milliard Euro and created more than 200 thousand new jobs. Among  foreign investors, Germans and Americans develop the most projects in Poland.

The best special economic zones in Poland

The leading SEZ in Poland is the Katowice Special Economic Zone (southern Poland), where since its opening  in 1996 the total value of investments has exceeded  5.6 milliard Euro  and where 40,000 new jobs were created. According to the prestigious Financial Times ranking (2015), the Katowice zone is the best in Europe and the second best in the world. The second best zone in Europe is the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone (south-western Poland), in which such big enterprises as Colgate, Electrolux or Bosch invested. The Łódź Special Economic Zone (central Poland), in turn, is called  the most attractive location for SMEs in Europe according to a ranking published by fDi Magazine in 2015.

Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (north-western Poland) was picked in a prestigious ranking as the best example for social  responsibility. Besides programmes for getting women back to the labour market and special working conditions for pregnant women and mothers with young children, in Pomerania they also care about young scientists. Financial Times experts also distinguished the  Starachowice Special Economic Zone for the creation of  the Świętokrzyskie Vocational Education Cluster which prepares young people to enter the labour market with all necessary skills

Special economic zones in western Poland

Also western Poland is developing its zones.  At the end of 2014 the value of investments in the Kostrzyń-Słubice Special Economic Zone was almost 1.5 milliard Euro,  the 7th highest value  in Poland. It also worth investing in the Legnica Special Economic Zone, which enlarged its area with  the Economic Activity Zone in Iłowa.

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