Visit the Polish countryside: Northern Poland

Polish countryside

How small villages in the Polish countryside develop? Have a look at how you can spend a nice time with your family in the Polish countryside near the Baltic Coast in northern Poland.

Zalesie: Cross-border Environmental Education Centre

When traveling across the Polish countryside, you will find the remains of the State Farms (known as PGR), often turning into ruins. When the circumstances are favourable, they are converted, for example, into residential buildings or production plants. In Zalesie (near Szczecin, in the Western Pomerania Voivodeship), a stable building which had not been occupied from the 1980s, was given a second life. After its reconstruction, the Polish-German Cross-border Environmental Education Centre was opened, where professional educators provide visitors with information on the laws of physics, and natural and astronomical phenomena. The facility also looks impressive from the outside – one of the gables is fully glazed, and the long terrace is also a perfect place to make observations of the night sky. The workshops devoted to natural sciences, ecology and the sciences perfectly supplement the classes organised here. At weekends, the open thematic days, e.g. the forester’s and wood specialist’s days, are interesting for families. In the immediate vicinity of the centre, the Wkrzańska Forest, the area around Lake Świdwie and the neighbouring villages, are worth visiting. More Information >short video, long video or a video about European funding of the project:

Fot. K. Królikowski

Photo by K. Królikowski

Swołowo: Pomerania Folk Culture Museum

An interesting source of inspiration of how to use rural buildings for educational, tourist and cultural purposes is the Pomerania Folk Culture Museum in Swołowo (situated near Słupsk, in the Pomerania Voivodeship). The village is the capital of the Checked Houses Land and the Pomerania Village of Cultural Heritage, thanks to the revitalisation of several farmsteads and assigning new functions to them. Here, you can visit, among other places, half-timbered dwelling houses, barns, the blacksmith’s shop, the firehouse, a cowshed, and the bread house. Some of these buildings house interestingly arranged exhibitions devoted to half-timbered construction and folk handicraft. The exhibitions presenting authentic objects are creatively supplemented by modern multimedia and audio-visual systems. The everyday rhythm of museum visits is made attractive by the holiday offers and various events matching the local agrarian and church calendar. It is worth coming to Swołowo with your family to attend the Palm Sunday Celebrations, the Pomeranian Herbs Festival and the “The Pomeranian Goose is the Best for St. Martin’s Day” festival, which is held on November 11th.


Fot. A. Rokita

Photo by A. Rokita

A Hobbits’ Village in the Polish countryside

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works are invited to the Hobbits’ Village in Sierakowo Sławieńskie (Western Pomerania Voivodeship). Going on a journey in the footsteps of Bilbo Baggins, a character of “The Hobbit”, you have a chance to visit the Dwarves’ Smithy and Middle-earth. In this fairy like world, you are offered hobbit games, such as the live action role-playing game “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again”, the live action bike game “Expedition through the Mirkwood” and the night game “Dragon’s Egg Team”. Visitors to the Hobbits’ Village can participate in handicraft workshops, during which they make decorations using the quilling and decoupage methods, and become acquainted with the stages of wool production, and the rules of spinning and felting. It is a perfect idea of how to spend a time with your family in the country!


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