Doing business in Poland – apply for European funding

Doing business in Poland? Apply for grants, loans or guarantees from European structural funds covering a significant part of the investment. There are tens of millions of euros available. Remember: the investment should be conform to the European and national development policy. Smart growth and smart or regional specialisations are important items in Poland when you are looking for support from European structural funds for the period 2014-2020. Verify if European grants are available for your business.

Doing business in Poland – invest in innovation

The Smart Development Programme (Program Inteligentny Rozw√≥j) offers the best support for entrepreneurs investing in Poland in innovative products and services or who create Research and Development (R+D) centres. If you are interested in the development of your business, investment in innovative solutions or creating a R & D centre in Poland, you may reach for a million euros of grants. Poland received 8.6 milliard euro from the European Regional Development Fund to finance the Smart Development Programme. In comparison with the budget of the European Horizon 2020 programme (80 milliard euros) it’s not a big amount, but the undoubted advantage of this programme is that the money is focused on support for innovative businesses in Poland.

Specializations within the Regional Operational Programmes

In addition, your business in Poland may count on financial support from 16 Regional Operational Programmes (ROP). Each region (province) created actions according two out of eleven thematic objectives of the EU cohesion policy :

  1. Increasing investment in scientific research, technological development and innovation
  2. Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Smart specialisations

Polish provinces want to encourage local and foreign businesses to invest in the most innovative branches of the regional economy in their province. All regions have designated smart specialisations. These are industries which are able to accelerate regional development. Therefore entrepreneurs whose projects fit the best into smart specialisations have a better access to grants and loans from European structural funds. Have a look at the European Smart Specialization Platform to read about the possibilities in Poland and the Polish provinces.
For the development of enterprises in these smart specialisations, Poland and the 16 provinces set aside nearly 15 billion of euros of EU funds.

Doing business in Poland, apply for European funding!

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