Best ski resorts in Poland


Where to go skiing in Poland? Find the best ski resorts in Poland. You can ski in the Tatra mountains, which are the highest in Poland or enjoy gently slopes scattered between the moraines and lakes of northern Poland.

The best developed and the most modern ski resorts in Poland are located in the south of the country – in Białka Tatrzańska and Zieleniec. However, it is worth knowing that skiing can also be practised in the north of Poland, in Masuria, in the Polish-Lithuanian borderland or the Kashubian Lakeland. Become acquainted with the best ski runs in Poland!

With a wonderful view on the Tatra Mountains

The ski resort Kotelnica Białczańska in Białka Tatrzańska in the Tatra Mountains is one of the most popular ski resorts in Poland. The ski runs have a total length of of around 15 km, and the cross-country ski runs have a total length of 9 km. Moreover, this resort can boast of two FIS-homologated ski runs, on which you will feel like a real Alpine skier. Every year, the resort extends its offers, and snow cannons are used to provide good ski run conditions. In the near future, Kotelnica is to be connected with the ski lifts and runs on the nearby Wierch Rusiński, which is situated near Bukowina Tatrzańska.

Ski Arena Zieleniec: guaranteed snow

Ski Arena in Zieleniec (south-west Poland) is one of the largest ski resorts in Poland with a total length of ski runs of 22 km. Because of the fact that the ski runs are situated on the northern slopes of the mountains, and the prevailing precipitation which is typical of this location, winter sports can be practised here from December to as late as mid-April. In Zieleniec, there is also a snow park, where fans of ski and snowboard acrobatics are provided with space for practising.

Szczyrk and Wilkowice in the Beskids

Skrzyczne (1257 m above sea level) is the highest mountain in the Beskid Mountains, around which you can find ski runs with a total length of 10 km, including one FIS-homologated ski run. In the vicinity of the ski resort Szczyrk, there are a few more ski complexes, like Magurka Wilkowicka (909 m above sea level), where cross-country skiing can be practised. The professional trails are suited for official competitions. Yearly in January or February you can join the Magurka Cup “In the steps of Archduchess Maria Theresa” taking place in Wilkowice.

Zakopane: Poland’s winter capital

Kasprowy Wierch (1987 m above sea level), a ski resort in Zakopane in the High Tatra Mountains (the highest mountains in Poland), is where the longest ski run in Poland begins. The route, which goes through the picturesque Gąsienicowa Pasture to Kuźnice, is almost 10 km long! Because the ski runs are located in the Tatra National Park, they are not equipped with snow-cannons, and, therefore, before you decide to go skiing here, you should find out what the conditions are like. When you are in Zakopane for a holiday, try the typical highlander food products in cosy restaurants and admire the beautiful local wooden architecture, the so called Zakopane style.

Northern Poland: ski runs in the lake lands

What about spending your winter holidays in the northern Poland. During a winter stay in the Masurian Lake district, it is worth taking advantage of the offers of Piękna Góra. In turn, in the modern ski resort Szelment, which is situated near Suwałki (the Polish ‘North Pole’), enthusiasts of snow frenzy are provided with six ski runs. Other advantages of relaxing in the northeast of Poland include the specific micro-climate, so different from the mountain one, and the unique opportunity to taste both Lithuanian and Belarusian cultures. May be you can even spot wild animals in the dense forests.

On the Baltic Sea coast in the health resort Sopot, near the city of Gdańsk, the ski area Łysa Góra and Wieżyca (Szymbark Kotlinka) are located. Discover the picturesque Kashubian Switzerland while you are skiing cross-country: forests, moraines, and lakes. On Łysa Góra near Sopot, you can even see the Baltic Sea from the ski slope!

Don’t worry about your ski equipment, you can rent it in all ski resorts in Poland. Spend your ski and/or winter holiday in Poland and you you will be positively surprised.

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